Company History

Well over 100 years of "gunsmithing tradition" is embodied by the current company Waffen-Frank GmbH in the heart of Mainz.

Already by the ancestors "Adolf Frank" a patent was registered on May 16th, 1895 for the "Frank-Drilling with exchangeable ball barrel", furthermore he developed among other things a safety ball change-over for combination hunting rifles.

At the age of 23, the current owner of the company, Mr. Willy Frank, took over the company Kurt Jäger in Mainz as branch manager. 

Since the change of name in 1984 to "Waffen-Frank GmbH" under the management of Willy Frank and with the active help of his wife Regine Usinger-Frank, the team, the technology and the premises have been constantly expanded.

Since 2001 our Mr. Frank Sr. appointed and sworn IHK "expert" of "technology and evaluation" of short and long weapons from 1800 on, including their ammunition.

The company became known far beyond the borders as a leading used weapons specialist (  

The warehouse not only includes used hunting, sporting and collecting weapons as well as top rarities, but also all current manufacturers of new weapons and accessories on more than 300 sqm of sales and exhibition space.

Six constant coworkers in workshop and sales - all active hunters and sport marksmen with partly over 40 years of professional experience bring their specialized knowledge in the sales consultation and with the young hunter training in. 

The successor generation by son Christoph Frank is ready. He has completed his gunsmithing training at the HTL-Ferlach and has been strengthening the team since summer 2011, after completing his gunsmithing master's examination.