About Waffen Frank - The big Alljagd speciality shop and the premier used weapon specialist in Mainz

You can find selected offers at our www.gebrauchtwaffen-spezialist.de.

You can find selected offers at our "Used-Weapons- & Accessories-Market". 


Monday - Friday from 10.00 am - 6.00 pm,

every first Saturday of the month 10 am - 2 pm,
the last four Saturdays before Christmas 10.00 am – 4.00 pm 

Comprehensive product range for hunting, shooting and reloadingInternational hunting and functional clothingRenowned master gunmaker's shop for all repairs and services

Leading used-weapons specialist

Purchase, sale and trading of weapons and accessories of all kinds
For the complete range of our more than 1,400 used weapons, please click on "Complete range".
We have the widest selection of UNIQUE and RARE ITEMS, COLLECTIBLES and SPECIAL OFFERS in the German-speaking region of Europe.

Our Team - Capably and unnering! Waffen Frank - since 35 years!

Willy Frank:
passionate hunter, defender weapons expert

Regine Frank:
Sales of clothing and accessories

Stephani Singh:
Passionate hunter
Sale of clothing, accessoires and gifts

Marianne Baderschneider:
Decoration, seeling from clothing, accessories and giftware

Christoph Frank:
Gunsmith, passionate hunter and your contact for all workshop work and everything about "the hunt"

Philipp Ginsheimer:
passionate huter
Counterpart for huning- and sport-weapons, gunsmith-work

Günter Herminghaus:
Salesperson, passionierter sport-shooter,
Counterpart for sport weapson, free weapons, steelware

Christian Friedrich:
Passionate hunter, your contact for hunting and sporting weapons, gunsmithing work

Hunting assistant of the management